Sculptra® is an FDA-approved product which is injected into the skin for correction of the signs of facial fat loss. It is useful in minimizing wrinkles and helps to lift sagging skin--even to the point that it can approximate a non-surgical facelift.

The Image Skin Institute's Dr. Kessler was one of the first dermatologists in the U.S. to treat clients with Sculptra®;  he has used Sculptra® at our Mesa, AZ, clinic on a frequent and continued basis since early 2004.

Dr. Kessler was personally trained by Dr. Danny Vleggaar, a Swiss dermatologist who is widely acknowledged as the world's foremost Sculptra® expert. Dr. Kessler in turn pioneered many new and innovative techniques, and he is currently considered the Southwest's foremost expert on Sculptra®. Scores of his fellow dermatologists have trained under him at the Image Skin Institute's Mesa, AZ, headquarters; it has served as a teaching center for physicians from throughout the country, including a number from the Phoenix / Scottsdale / Chandler / Mesa metropolitan area. Dr. Kessler is also frequently sought as a speaker on Sculptra® at dermatology conferences around the U.S. 

Our Sculptra® clients love the natural-looking effects of Sculptra®. These clients often remark at how their friends and family cannot tell what exactly has been done, but that they do notice that there is a lovely difference in the skin's appearance. Many of our clients come as referrals from happy clients who are pleased with the results of their treatments; as a result, the Image Skin Institute has become the premier destination for Sculptra® clients from throughout the Phoenix / Scottsdale / Chandler / Mesa metropolitan area and beyond. 

Please click here for a Sculptra® FAQ.