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  • Many popular suncreens are loaded with greasy UV-absorbing chemicals, whitening pigments and hydrophobic polymers that leave a shiny, sticky, smelly film on the face. OK for the beach, not pretty for daily facial photo-protection.


    Introducing SOLAR GUARD, a 100% chemical-free suncreen containing Zinc oxide fortified with the anti-oxidant Melanin and emollient Squalance in an anhydrous elastomer vehicle. With a silky rub-in and matte finish, SOLAR GUARD leaves no shine, no stickiness and no odor on the skin. 


    With such cosmetic elegance, you will look forward to applying this sunscreen every morning. The inert, fragrance-free, preservative-free vehicle is ideal for patients with sensitive skin, or post-treatments that leave skin dry or irritated. So leave the white faces to the life-guards... and introduce yourself to a new look in facial photoprotection!

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