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LAMPROBE is a state of the art treatment sending high and low radio frequency waves to a specific area for the purpose of lifting and removing skin lesions. This is a safe, non surgical procedure that does not invade the skin and works from an external, topical level.


LAMPROBE provides aesthetic enhancements. Results vary depending on individual responses and the area being treated. 

How long does LAMPROBE take?

A LAMPROBE procedure usually lasts from 30-60 minutes, during this time a tiny needle is lightly tapped onto the lesion for about 10 seconds.

How to prepare 
Magnified Grass

We request that you arrive with a clean, make-up free face to help minimize the risk of infection due to bacteria on the face. 

Drink plenty of water to help the cells on your skin recover.

What are the possible side effects?

The following side effects or complications may occur:

  • Discomfort, redness and swelling

  • Itching and irritation

  • Scabbing, crusting, or peeling for up to two weeks

  • Infection if picking or not following post-care instructions

  • Hyper or hypo pigmentation and possible scarring

Do not have a LAMPROBE  procedure if you have the following:


  • Have had a chemical peel in the past 30 days

  • Have taken Accutane in the past 6 months​

  • Have active Herpes Complex

  • Currently taking antibiotics. 

  • Are pregnant

  • Have open wounds

  • Have a pacemaker

Please call (480) 807-1500 if you have any additional questions.


It is very important that you DO NOT pick or irritate the skin and allow a natural course of healing, usually from 7 to 10 days. 

Gentle cleansing is recommended during recovery, sun protection is strongly recommended post procedure. 

Our DERMIS SOLAR GUARD is ideal for post-treatment sun protection.

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Side effects
How to prepare
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