Progressive / Mid-Depth / Deep Treatments


At the Image Skin Institute, we customize peels that range from superficial to deep. Our skin care specialists work closely with our clients to help them achieve their skin care goals.

Our lightest peel is the Progressive Treatment, which produces an immediate glow and improves the health of the skin with no downtime.

Next we have our Mid-Depth Treatment, which is a rejuvenating treatment that encourages healing of acne lesions and lightening of hyper-pigmentation.

Our most intense aesthetician-administered peel is the Deep Treatment, which works deep within the skin and produces continuous peeling for 5 to 7 days with downtime.

Set up your free consultation today, and speak with an Image Skin Institute specialist to see what is right for you. Our aestheticians are without peer, and they attract word-of-mouth clients from all over the greater Phoenix / Scottsdale / Mesa metropolitan area.